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Ignition Club Update & Patch

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Ignition Club Update & Patch

Post by NitrousX on Tue Aug 16, 2011 6:44 pm

Hello Ignition Drivers. How are you all? Sorry I have been
absent for a long-time. You may have heard rumors around that I left the game
completely not true. Just to clarify that I had taken a break from TDU2 and
games in general. Focusing on life issues i.e. finding work and for the last
two months I have been looking for work tirelessly and I now have a job at a
Local Council in ICT, So excited to start work. So what does this leave us, you
may ask? Nothing as with the original ethos of the club was that I and others
would join together online on weekends whenever possible. So as the Exploration
patch comes out this week then I’ll be back online officially with the rest of
the club.

Don’t think for a second I haven’t thought about you all, I
have been thinking about you all Razz. Just that I have had to prioritize my
focus on looking for work and now that I have it in my grasp. I can now balance
work and play as I used to.

And to those that have not been in the loop with the patch
details it’s basically the patch that the PC platform have had for five months.
Which is the Exploration Pack that includes the Dodge Charger RT 1970 and the
Lancia Stratos both historic RWD cars, for more details hit this link for more

And before I finish I would like to say thank you to
Turbobunn, A Wookie Cookie and Fastback executives of the 360 division looking
after the club while i have been absent. You guys have been so very loyal to
the club ever sense the beginning thank you for all your hard work couldn’t of
done it without you all.

Oh also here's a glimpse of the cars that will be available in DLC2 Pack coming when ever Eden/Atari get round to it lol,
SL 65 AMG Mercedes Benz


Chevolet ZR1 2010


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