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Rules of the site

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Rules of the site

Post by NitrousX on Sat Jan 29, 2011 8:22 pm

The Rules -- MUST READ
Hello and welcome to Ignition. Please take the time to read
and fully understand the rules in order to have the best experience on this
forum. Thank you for registering and please help make this a better community
clan for others!!

Inappropriate Content:
vulgarity will not be tolerated. [ This includes text,
images and videos]
*No abusing other members. Penalizing actions will be taken
for those who abuse other forum members. If you happen to have a disagreement,
the best thing to do is report it, message a mod, and move on.
No illegal download discussions.
Do not talk about P2P/Bittorrent download material or ways
to gather this material.

No pornographic material
Do not post strongly suggestive pictures or videos please
No advertisements/spamming
Do not make threads advertising products or services. Your
thread will be deleted and you will receive disciplinary action and more than
likely a ban.
* If you do post something within the rules that you feel
may not be in the best interest of others, put "Not Safe For Work" [NSFW] in the title/post.

Do not quote images as we have a very limited amount of
space available
Avatars - Avatars must be no larger than 60 x 60
Signatures - Sigs must be no larger than 500 x 130

This website is in English, please stay in language.
You must be over 13 to post on this website.
Thank you and enjoy the site!!
Ignition Staff
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