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Club updates

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Club updates

Post by NitrousX on Fri Mar 04, 2011 12:07 am

Club update

Sorry it’s been so late a lot of things have been
happening last week and this week.

So let’s get into it first off is:

Club Status

PC team have officially launched congrats to the whole
team there with Leader Adam zuon and his trustees. Despite all that has
happened with the glitches and bugs they have managed to attain level 2
Upgrades and now working towards level 3 upgrades. If you have yet to be
invited they are working on it. It takes time and dedication to do races for XP
and challenges for donations. So again well done to all those contributing to
the clubs there keep up the good work. With that the PC team is full with a new
comer shadow39 we all welcome you to the club xD.

Also for PC Users, steam user Genocidal
has made and hosted a VOIP client sever for all PC club users to use to
communicate. Please use this as not many people get to use VOIP severs for free
with so many features that it attains. Like low latency and high voice quality.
If you want to use it, here’s the link to it,
I will also put up a link on the main site. All credit goes to Genoicidal

Patch News

As many of you know all platforms are awaiting the
patches to stabilize and enable club and co-op multiplayer features online. And
Atari have patched the severs on Xbox 360 and PC. Getting ready for client
patches to be approved by MS/Sony to be sent out to all platforms. If you’re
like me and you maybe feeling a bit bored why not post a time-trail lap time
into the all platforms Ignition Time Trail Tournament event. Post lap times for
Ibiza Cup 1 Time Trail and Hawaii Cup 2 with your fastest times. And who ever
comes out on top with the fastest possible lap time overall will win a prize.
I've extended this competition to the end of march 31th Thursday. Click this thread link

Now for some sad news lately on xbox live as some of you
may know that my profile has been reset i.e. been flagged as a cheater. My
fault and in eyes of the xbox live T.O.S justice has been made. The reason I
have been reset was due to when last year I borrowed a few games which I didn’t
complete then me being a achievement chunky I used a acheevo glitch mod to make
it look like I completed all the games I played.

As xbox live enforcement team saw on-line achievements
achieved off-line I was flagged and reset. What does that mean for you guys
nothing as yet but I will eventually transfer TDU2 to my new account NitrousX21,
so if you want to add me now that be fine. And so I might start a fresh or keep
my save old save. But at the moment I'll continue to use my old GT for now. I'll
notify all of you when I’m ready so don't delete me just yet ^^. Hopefully by
the time the patch comes out i’ll still have most of the cars and Wonga ready
to upgrade the clubs.

Updates on website

Now we have made a few adjustments to the website
interface you might have spotted a new ranking system which is more fluent and
is in tune to the games GUI.

And we also added new admins Adam zuon and JNL7409 as
they are the leaders for PC/PS3. I thought over time they will need to issue
club updates to their own platform seeing as there is separate sections for
each club division on the website. So you could say we have ordained new admins

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