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11th March Club Update

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11th March Club Update

Post by NitrousX on Fri Mar 11, 2011 8:16 pm

Club updates
Better update this week, as you know
in tdu2 it’s become very hard to attain money, fun and enthusiasm with all the bugs
and glitches that have been occurring. As of late bugs like corrupt saves,
black screen of death loading screen and the deadly purple lancia as left me
and others having to restart again.

But good news has a risen from
Atari/Eden they have released first of many long awaited patches, first of
which is to fix the corrupt saves released today. And next week the biggest
patches of them all which PC users have had for about two weeks or so is clubs,
co-op multiplayer and friends list is to be enabled from 9am GMT and 1AM PST
this Monday 14th March. For details on the patch change log hit this

PC members everywhere PC club has
become inactive for a while due to inactivity if you or someone else has become
inactive please hit this thread, Made by head PC Leader adam zuon Topic is
about inactivity and what you the users should do to help keep ignition PC team
on top xD. Moving on xbox members as you may know in the last update I said I
created a new account. I have yet to add everyone to my new account, if you or
someone else has received my friends request please accept it. Don’t be alerted
it’s just my new account NitrousX, if you have already accepted it please
remove the other one NitrousX123 as I won’t be using it from now on.

Upon launch of the clubs on 360 I’ll
be using my other account for transferring donations to the club so if you see
my other account in the list don’t fret as its just temporary. Once I have
transferred the donations to the club I’ll remove it. Also please do add each
other from the club list from the recruit thread
, as then you could have a buddy to help in challenges, races, cruising or
boosting. Remember this is a team oriented club and we should help each other
as possible and its all about teamwork.

PS3 users if you wondering where
JNL7409 has been he has had a defected TDU2 disc not working. So for the time
being he will be away from tdu2 for a while but said he will replace his disc
very soon.

With that said clubs will begin to be
active very soon so once we launch please note we may not be able to add
everyone to list at once. So be patient it will take a while, from looking at
PC clubs once clubs hit upgrade 2 attaining XP will be harder to achieve so it
will take awhile. Please spread the word and tell everyone about this.

Club allies
I’ve bin in contact with WalnutszInOiL and Midnight Racing and they would like to meet with us
very soon. So soon I’ll hit some of you up on tdu2 for some friendly cruises
and club vs. club challenges with some of the allies club teams. Speaking of
allies another club called Prestige Autos would like to become another ally of
ours and would like to do some cruises and club vs. club challenges. So we
would like to welcome them as well xD. On the topic of allies remember the Club
2 Club thread we discussed lets re debate whether we should gather some new
ideas on club improvements and being more of a team. If you want to discuss it
in more detail please head to this thread

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