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TDU2 Exploration Pack & more

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TDU2 Exploration Pack & more

Post by NitrousX on Wed May 11, 2011 8:34 pm

Hi guys it’s been a long awaited update so much has
happened clubs have improved a lot over the past few weeks thanks to all of you
that have contributed.

Patch DLC

Here’s the latest news on TDU2, another patch is out
which is to be included in the Exploration pack. Featuring timed convoy and
extreme convoy missions. Briefly I’ll explain a bit about both of them, Timed
Convoy is exactly what it say’s on the tin if you have played TDU1 you would
know that you have ex amount of time to reach your destination in restricted
amount of time. And from what I have heard from various players on the forums
is that there’s a set amount of money that reduces over time until you reach
your destination. It’s not going to be so easy as there will be a high volume
of traffic and time is not on your side.

Extreme Convoy is a lot harder and more challenging
basically you must reach your destination without touching any objects or car’s
what so ever. One hit then the challenge is over, just like the previous convoy’s
in the game you’ll be rewarded either 5, 10, 20, 50, 60k+ prizes. Not only do
you receive money, every convoy you complete you will receive a wreck
notification for either the Lancia Stratos or the Dodge Charger R/T. These are
the new wreck cars, here’s a link to the info on the cars included here
expect the patch to come to PS3/Xbox 360 before the end of May.

Also there’s locked DLC that will be coming in the next DLC
this year you will be able to drive these cars in the convoy missions they are:
Dodge Viper ACR, Corvette ZR1, Ferrari 599 XX, Nissan 370z Nismo and the Mercedes’
Benz SL65 AMG Black. As you might know already modders and hackers have already
attained these cars on the PC. Which can be found here
. And of course there’s new selection of bikes, auction house and a new
clothing line for those fashionable people out there ^^ check out this thread
here on the locations

Also for those looking for info on specific fixes
included in the patch update click here. Here’s some important info that will
affect everybody in the thread posted here

Modding anyone caught with hacked money or modded cars
will have their game saves scrutinized atm its a bit vague as to what it entails
is a myth. So I would ask anyone who has a backup save of their legit save to
revert back to it once the patch comes out. Upon launch they may track and look
at club donations, community challenges, profile and casino for any dodgy mods
like money hacks or cars. And if they find they could reset your profile, lose
your cars and money having to start from scratch.

Plus tune up’s you will be happy to know those dreadful
A1 cars that were nerfed to shreds have been tweaked like the Ascari and the Koenigsegg
gear ratio’s and speed has been improved. Please note that these are not the
official car tune fixes another patch is on the way to fix all nerfed cars
sometime this summer.

Eden facing Redundancy

Now I have gotten the patch info out of the way, onto the
bad news as you may know TDU2 had a bad launch due to the poor software support
we were given a bug infested game. And Atari have had to make cuts in every
game division the company owes. Which Eden games is included where 51 workers
are up for the cut, following that they are having a public strike which
started from yesterday.

And the rights they are fighting for in their defense

- Communicate and
interact with the CEO, Jim Wilson, who has never introduced himself to his

- Have a constructive negotiation on the terms of the redundancy plan, and not
one-sided as it is the case now.

- be sure that any employee of Eden Games is compensated the same way as an
employee of Atari

- have real visibility on the future of the studio after the restructuring,
especially in giving us the financial records requested by our accountant.

Given the fact that in the past Eden Games have made
exceptional games like V-Rally Series and Test Drive, its a shame that a
publisher forced Eden’s hands to launch a bug ridden game then have the sales
of the game plummet and have the developer given all the blame when Atari
should be the ones given all the slack. So in response to the strike Eden has
called all fans of its games to rise up and make their voices heard and stand
up against big fat cat companies ‘’Atari’’. And paint their cars from tdu2 and
post them on the Eden strike Facebook Group page I’m going to get involved and
post some images online and support the cause.

Here’s the thread link
. Due to the fact that there’s news of more content coming to tdu2 very soon
all that could be lost if Eden is to lose over half of their workforce it would
be a real shame if all those so called fans do not stand up for their

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